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Aug 15, 2012

MetaReport and Developer Kit 2.9.3 has been released.
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Aug 08, 2011

IISKeeper 2.3 has been released.
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Nov 05, 2010

MetaReport and Developer Kit version 2.9 has been released.
Improved PDF converter
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Dr.Web - innovative technologies for information security. Antivirus & antispam protection.

Dr.Web - innovative technologies for information security. Antivirus & antispam protection.



IISKeeper - ISAPI protection filter.

If you would like to restrict access to some files and folders on your web site or place some information inaccessible for the majority of users on the site, Metamatica Software offers a simple and efficient solution – ISAPI protection filter for IIS.

To protect your site, you’ll need five minutes for installing and configuring IISKeeper.


Reviewers about IISKeeper:

It is not a rare and absolutely normal situation when you want to protect some resource on your web-site and grant access to it on the per-user basis. As a matter of fact, the organization of almost any pay-per-view resource requires this capability. Unfortunately, with IIS you can’t create a protected resource easily. But with IISKeeper you can.


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MetaCompress - ISAPI compression filter.

Did you ask yourself why the most of search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.) provide on fly access to their resources? Such sites compress their content as much as it possible so they provide quick reliable access to their content for millions of users in a trice.

MetaCompress packs text content of a web site on the fly. That will increase your site accessibility for users who have slow dial up connection (14400 - 19200 bps) and speed up the page loading on your site in general.

Reviewers about MetaCompress:

So, while providing large amount of information on Web pages a good web-site owner should think of ways to save user's traffic and cut the page download time. One of the widespread methods for that is gzip compression available in HTTP protocol and supported by the majority of modern browsers. A simple and reliable solution for enabling gzip compression in your IIS-run Web site is MetaCompress ISAPI filter from


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MetaReport - report maker and ActiveX.

Go to screen shotsMetaReport is a report building tool which can use multiple data in various formats (Access, dBase, Paradox, MS SQL, Oracle, InterBase and others) as the source for reports creation. Since the most companies work with various databases (For example, Access for office needs, SQL for web purposes and Oracle for inventory tracking), the usefulness of this program is apparent to any person who concerned with database management.

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MetaReport Developer Kit

This product is directly targeted on software developers and software developments teams who deal with databases and database management.

MetaReport Developer Kit is a software bundle containing two products: MetaReport and MetaReportRuntime - redistributable runtime module. Developers can include MetaReportRuntime into their own projects as the report module.

If you are using MetaReport Developer kit there’s no need to license each workplace, where MetaReport is included. It's enough to include only MetaReport runtime module in your project.

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