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Aug 15, 2012

MetaReport and Developer Kit 2.9.3 has been released.
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Aug 08, 2011

IISKeeper 2.3 has been released.
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Nov 05, 2010

MetaReport and Developer Kit version 2.9 has been released.
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Protect site resources by the password.

If you would like to restrict access to some files and folders on your web site or place some information inaccessible for the majority of users on the site, Metamatica Software offers a simple and efficient solution – ISAPI protection filter for IIS.

With IISKeeper you can easily protect any resources of your site with a password. By a protected resource we mean a folder containing subfolders and files or a single file. You don’t have to create Windows user accounts. The list of users who have access to the protected resources does not depend on the list of system users.

For the Cookie authorization mode, the distribution package includes templates of input forms where the user enters username and password. You can easily embed the form into your site.

To protect your site, you’ll need five minutes for installing and configuring IISKeeper.


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Main features.

  • Protecting folders and separate files on the web server;
  • Supporting protection via the HTTPS protocol. This protection mode allows you to encrypt information, including authentication data;
  • Web application for tuning of filter is included into installation package;
  • Providing direct information encryption for Cookie authentication;
  • Supporting BASIC and Cookie authentication. These authentication types visually differ in the following:
    • In case of BASIC authentication, your browser requests a user name and a password in a separate dialog box independent of the design and structure of your site. The error message can be edited or implemented according the design of your site.
    • In case of Cookie authentication, IISKeeper redirects the request to the login form if necessary. You can find a sample form in the installation package.
  • Counting the traffic used by the user for each protected resource and automatically blocking the user when he exceeds the time or traffic limit for a resource. These parameters are specified when you describe user rights. You can also allow access without any limitations.
  • Protecting against attempts to guess the password. IISKeeper allows you to lock the IP address it detects an attack attempt from. The locking parameters are also specified in the IISKeeper configuration.
  • Retrieving of user name in ASP scripts
  • Setting up of realm name manually.
  • Logging the activity of IISKeeper.
  • It is easy to install and remove the program

Who needs IISKeeper.

It is not a rare and absolutely normal situation when you want to protect some resource on your web-site and grant access to it on the per-user basis. As a matter of fact, the organization of almost any pay-per-view resource requires this capability. Unfortunately, with IIS you can't create a protected resource easily. But with IISKeeper you can. This filter is required if your site contains one or more restricted areas. For example:

  • Your site contains paid contents. For example, it can be photos or pictures with high resolution.
  • You want only a certain group of people to be able to access the configuration pages of your website.
  • You want some content on your website to be accessed only by members of your club or by registered users

System requirements

IISKeeper is designed to be used in a web server environment.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows Server 2003 (x32 or x64)
  • Windows Server 2008 (x32 or x64)

Additional Requirements: Internet Information Server (IIS) 4, 5, 6, 7.

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