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Main features

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Protecting folders and separate files on the web server;
Web application is included into installation package;
Supporting protection via the HTTPS protocol. This protection mode allows you to encrypt information, including authentication data;
Supporting BASIC and Cookie authentication. These authentication types visually differ in the following:

- In case of BASIC authentication, your browser requests a user name and a password in a separate dialog box independent of the design and structure of your site. The error message can be edited or implemented according the design of your site(s).

- In case of Cookie authentication, IISKeeper redirects the request to the login form if necessary. You can find a sample form in the installation package.

Providing direct information encryption for Cookie authentication;
Counting the traffic used by the user for each protected resource and automatically blocking the user when he exceeds the time or traffic limit for a resource. These parameters are specified when you describe user rights. You can also allow access without any limitations.
Protecting against attempts to guess the password. IISKeeper allows you to lock the IP address it detects an attack attempt from. The locking parameters are also specified in the IISKeeper configuration.
It is possible to retrieve the user name, who is logged now, within your own ASP script. Filter creates the IISKEEPERUSER header in request when logon was successful. You can retrieve user name via simple expression request.servervariables("HTTP_IISKEEPERUSER"). Also you can see this in footer.htm file of web configuration application.
Logging the activity of IISKeeper.
It is easy to install and remove the program