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The list of user registered in IISKeeper.




You can specify the group for selected user. One user can be member of many groups. Use the "Add Group" and "Remove Group" buttons. Also you simply can use drag-and-drop feature between lists.


The following data is specified for each user:





The name of the user, his identifier. The user name must be unique.



Email address. Optional field.



Access password. The password is hidden behind special characters, but you can read it if you click the button to the right from the field.


Disabled user

This field allows you to block the user without removing him from the database.


Enable expiration

If you select this checkbox, the user will be automatically blocked when the "Expiration date" is reached.


Expiration date

The date when the user will be blocked. When this date is reached, the user is automatically blocked.


Note: You can easily retrieve the user name, who is logged now, within your own ASP script. Filter creates the IISKEEPERUSER header in request when logon was successful. You can retrieve user name via simple expression request.servervariables("HTTP_IISKEEPERUSER"). Also you can see this in footer.htm file of web configuration application.