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Web interface

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You can edit the filter parameters via the web interface that comes together with IISKeeper. The web application has the same features as the "IISKeeper configuration" tool.



Web interface modules for editing the parameters of IISKeeper are located in the following folder:




There are two ways to include them in your website:

1. Define a virtual website folder for the folder where the web interface modules are stored.

2. Copy all modules to a new folder on your website


Tip: To limit access to the ISSKeeper configuration via the Web, make sure you include this folder in the list of protected resources in the IISKeeper configuration.



All web interface scripts are written in ASP. The application has some customization settings.



The file "charset.inc" is used to customize the language setting. It is included into all ASP modules. By default the string is


<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">


which corresponds to the language setting "US/Western Europe". If necessary, you can easily change the language setting. You can also delete the language parameter and leave the string like this:


<meta http-equiv = "content-Type" content= "text/html">


In this case, the default settings of the client browser will be used.


Allowed Folders List

By default, the file choice module ("choicefile.asp ") has full access to the lists of folders and files on all disks. To limit it to several allowed folders, you should set the list of allowed folders on your web server. To do it, replace the string


AllowedFolders = array()


for example, with the following string:


AllowedFolders = array("c:\inetpub", "c:\mysite", "d:\admin" )


After that the access will be limited only to the specified folders. The list can be of any size. If the list is empty, the file choice module will have full access to file lists.