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What's new in version 2.x

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As compared to version 1.x, IISKeeper has some key changes.


1. Extended database structure.

The structure of the previous configuration database is not compatible with IISKeeper 2.0. If you used IISKeeper v1.x, you should import data from the previous configuration database or populate the configuration database anew (manually or in some other way). You can download a tool from our site in order to automatically move the data. Also, the default configuration database name has been changed - filterdata2.mdb.


The tool IISKeeperDataConvert.exe is quite easy to use and does not require any additional configuration. A wizard is used to move data in three steps:

Define the Connection String for the source and destination (the old and new databases).
Clear the destination database. It is an optional operation. But if you move data to a database that is not empty, you can get such errors as «Key Violation» during the process.
Move the data. The process log is displayed in a text window.


2. User groups.

User groups are necessary to arrange users in logical groups. Every user can belong to several groups.

You can use user groups to specify rights for accessing a resource. But there is one limitation: If you need to limit the traffic or access time for a resource, you must specify the user rights explicitly. It is due to the fact that the traffic and access time for a resource are counted individually for each user. That is, if you specify an access right for a resource via a group, it is the same as if you permitted access without traffic and time limitations for the user.


3. The Realm parameter for the protected resource.

The browser displays the Realm value in a dialog box when a password in the Basic authentication mode is required.

You should specify the string defining the protected resource in the Realm parameter. It was possible to specify it globally for all resources in IISKeeper v1.x. It is possible to specify it separately for each resource in the new version. If this parameter is not specified for a resource, the global "Default Realm" will be used.