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Filter settings

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The MetaCompress ISAPI filter can be configured with the help of the Filter Settings utility. The MetaCompress filter can update the modified configuration. Therefore, you don't need to reload IIS after saving the changes.


The MetaCompress settings are divided into three groups: Filter configuration, IIS configuration, and Content types.


Filter configuration


Enable compression via HTTP/1.0:

This checkbox enables compression if the client's request has been sent via the protocol HTTP/1.0. Some old proxy servers have some problems with compressed content. By default, this checkbox is not selected.


Compress streaming content:

This option allows you to compress streaming content, such as SHTML, SHTM, and STM. These pages have no "Content-size" header in their response.


Enable logging:

If you enable logging, you can do a quick analysis of log files when you click the "Log file analysis" button.


Path to log files:

The names of log files depend on the current date and the type of log. Therefore, you should specify the folder log files will be saved to. If you want to keep log files, you must grant Internet Guest Account for your server the write access to this folder. Usually Internet Guest Account is named IUSR_<computer_name>. For Windows 2003 Server, you must grant "NETWORK SERVICE" the write access to the log folder. Also, you can grant "Everyone" the write access to the log folder.


Log type:

There are four types: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly


Content types


On this tab you can define content types you want to compress.

This tab is divided into two lists: "Enable compression for …" and "Disable compression for …". MetaCompress will compress all pages present in the first list and absent in the second.

For example: you can enable compression for text/* and disable it for text/xml. In this case MetaCompress will pack any text content except text/xml.

Note: there is no reason to compress image/* content, because all image types are packed very bad with the gzip algorithm.


IIS configuration


Already installed on sites

Shows the list of sites where MetaCompress is installed. You can either clear the entire list or remove a separate site from the list by clicking the corresponding button below the list.


Install filter onto site                

You can add either a separate site or all sites to the list. To do it, you should select the corresponding string in the drop-down list and click the "Install Filter" button.                

You have to restart ISS to apply changes. That is why the "Filter settings" module offers you to restart IIS after you install or remove a filter.                


Enable 32-bit applications and Disable 32-bit applications

This feature is for x64 operating systems. MetaCompress is 32-bit application. You have to enable the using of 32-bit applications in IIS manually, because they are disabled in IISx64 by default.                


You can also start and stop IIS manually, using the "Stop IIS" and "Start IIS" button.