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Automatic installation:


1.Run the setup program and follow the instructions.
2.During the setup process choose the website where you want to install the filter (one site or all sites).
3.After the setup process is over, you should restart IIS. The installation program does it itself.


Note: If you want to log filter activities, you must grant Internet Guest Account for your server the write access to the folder where you want to store log files. Usually its name is IUSR_<computer_name>. Also you can grant "Everyone" the write access to the log folder.


Using Filter Settings utility.


This utility allows you to install the MetaCompress filter onto the selected website. The filter will be installed into the last place in the filters list. After installation you can restart the IIS service.


Manual installation.


1.Open Computer Management
2.Select the necessary website (or all websites)
3.Open the properties of the website
4.Switch to the "ISAPI Filters" tab.
5.To install the MetaCompress filter, click the Add button and select MetaCompress.dll as the name of MetaCompress filter type
6.Click OK and restart IIS