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In  most cases each report needs at least one dataset, which supplies the data records for the report.  You can define all datasets and their relationships via the database setup (menu item "Report|Datasets").


Note: The "Property" button shows a dialog with the settings of the currently selected table or query. If the dialog elements in that dialog are disabled, you are not allowed to change the dataset's settings.




This dialog window shows the main dataset for the report, which is the dataset that the report runs through and prints all data records from. Below the main report table this is a list of all datasets available to the report. Currently there is only the country table, which is the main dataset, but you can add more tables or queries that you can use in your report too.

To add a table or query, use the corresponding button.


New table:


If you press this button the following dialog will be shown:




This is a common file open dialog where you can select the desired table. Additionally you can use aliases instead of directory paths if available.


New query:


The following dialog will open if you press the "New query" button:




Here you can supply a query in SQL language. If your query has parameters, you can set their values with the "Parameter" button. If the parameters should be retrieved from another dataset, select this table or query in the "master" combobox.


Data fields:


If you select the "Fields" button, a list with all available fields of the currently selected dataset will be shown.




Note: The buttons in this dialog are disabled if you are not allowed the edit the dataset's fields.


You can remove (=hide) single fields from the dataset, so that they will not be available in the report editor anymore, or you can edit a field's properties:





A display label can be set for each data field, which is used as an alias name in the report editor. This way you can have descriptive field names even if your physical dataset has not, for example "CustNo" can be replaced with "Customer".

Use the "format" edit line to format numerical fields (see Formatting of numerical fields). "Precision" determines how many digits after the decimal separator are displayed.