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Report parameters dialog box constructor


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The report parameters dialog box will allow you to specify various parameters of information retrieval without modifying the report itself.


You can open the report parameters dialog box constructor from the report designer window by selecting the “Report | Parameters Dialog…” menu item.


The constructor is a visual dialog box editor and it consists of three parts:


Main menu;


Tool bar


Editor field


Editing is done in the following way:


You select the necessary element on the element bar and click your mouse to specify the location in the editor field where this element should be placed (the position of the upper-right corner is specified). After that you can move the element to any position on the editor field using your mouse or the Alt+(Arrows) key combination. You can also resize the element by dragging its right edge with your mouse or using the Ctrl+(Left or Right) key combination. You can change the tooltip of the element by just clicking the necessary tooltip and entering new text for it.


You can also edit the element properties by double-clicking the necessary element with your mouse or using the context menu.


After you place all the elements you need on the editor field and make the necessary settings in their properties, you will need to arrange data transmission from the dialog box to the corresponding report. To do it, there are two important settings of the created dialog box.


- Query parameters (Menu “Tools | Query Parameters…”) – configures the transmission of parameters from dialog elements to the “Main Dataset” of the report.


- Labels (Menu “Tools | Labels…”) – configures the transmission of parameters from dialog elements to various report labels.


You can see all those settings in the demo example.