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A childband is a band which is attached to another report band and which will always be printed below its parent band. This way you can print an additional band after each detail band for example. The advantage of using child bands instead of just resizing the parent band to make room for more report elements is that there can be a page break between a band and its child if needed, and the child band can be printed independently from its parent band, even if the parent band is not printed.

You must use child bands if you have report elements with "Autostretch" set to true and you want to print element below such auto-resizing fields. In this case place all the elements which should be moved down automatically because of autostretching elements before them on a child band.


The following options are available:


Parent Band: The band to which the child band is attached



This defines the background color of the report band.



·        not on first page: prints the band only on the second page and following
·        even page numbers only: only prints the band on even page numbers
·        odd page numbers only: only prints the band on odd page numbers
·        at bottom of page: moves the band to the bottom of the page before printing it
·        force new page: starts a new page before printing the band
·        force new column: starts a new column before printing when using reports with multiple columns


Only print band if expression is true:

An expression can be used to determine whether the band should be printed or not. The expression must have a result of "true" or "false". Press the button on the right side of the expression edit line to use the expression expert.



A frame or single frame lines can be drawn around the report band. You can select which lines should be drawn, in which color, style and width.