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Main MetaReport features


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Data access. To access data, MetaReport uses the ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) and BDE (Borland Database Engine) technologies, while you do not need to have BDE installed. In this case MetaReport can access the database only using ADO.



Powerful designer allows you to create quite complex reports to meet nearly all requirements.



The report parameters dialog box allows you to specify various parameters of information retrieval without modifying the report itself. To create a dialog box, MetaReport has a visual constructor of report parameters dialog boxes.



Saving reports in various formats. MetaReport supports exporting to the following file formats: TXT, WMF, HTML, RTF, XLS , PDF, CSV (comma-separated text).



The built-in ActiveX object allows you to easily use MetaReport in your applications created in any development environment. At the same time, MetaReport will work with your application as a whole.



Locking the report designer allows you to protect ready report projects from an unintentional change by an inexperienced user.