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A group band is used to structure data into groups of data records. For example if you want to print a list of addresses, you can add some space before each new first letter starts and insert some caption, or you can group addresses by city or state.




Internally groups are handled the following way: Before printing a data record, the report engine checks if the expression result of the group band is different from the last data record's expression result. If this is the case, the group band will be printed, else it won't. This way data can be grouped with great flexibility, because you can use the expression for nearly any kind of calculation.


The following options are available:



Defines which is the master band for the group. This can be either the detail band or a subdetail band. The group is checked each time the master band is printed.



This defines the background color of the report band.



This expression determines whether a group band is printed or not. The band will be printed each time the result of the expression changes.



·        at bottom of page: moves the band to the bottom of the page before printing it
·        force new page: starts a new page before printing the band
·        force new column: starts a new column before printing when using reports with multiple columns



This band is printed at the end of each group, before the next group band is printed.


Frame: see Standard bands