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_bm22Image from data field

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While a datafield is for displaying text from a database record, you can use this report element to display images that are stored in a database.


The following options are available:



The field that contains the image (if there is no bitmap in this field, nothing will be printed). If the datafield property is set to a database field which is not of type "bitmap", the report engine will try to find a bitmap file whose name equals that of the data field's content and load it.


Stretch picture automatically:

Activate this option to stretch the picture so it fits exactly into the report element's size, else the picture will be cut off if there is not enough room, or space will be left empty if there is too much.


Center picture:

If the report element is bigger than the picture and the "Stretch" option is not activated, the picture will be centered in the report element instead of being placed in the top left corner.



Aligns the image on the report band.