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Step 2: Editing the report

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You are now in the report editor and can see the report layout. Press the "Preview" button _bm52 to get a first look at the resulting report printout if have not done this at the end of the report expert.





Change the column captions:


Obviously the column captions for the data fields don't look very good ("Addr1" and "Addr2"). The report expert has used the field names of the data fields automatically, which doesn't  always lead to optimal results. To change this, leave the preview and select the desired label with the left mouse button. The toolbar will now show you the element type, e.g. "Label". Additionally you can see the element's most important property, which for a label is its text of course. You can activate this edit line with your mouse and directly edit the label text there, or you can open the property dialog for the report label by opening its popup menu with the right mouse button and selecting "Edit". The following shows the label's property form:




Edit the element properties and type in a more descriptive text for the column header, for example "Address". Leave the dialog with "OK" afterwards.


Change size and position:


If you don't like the position of a report element, simply move it around with your left mouse button. Please note that elements can not be moved out of their report band.

To change the size of a report element, first select it and then drag one of the eight small black boxes to resize the element.


Add another report element:

For demonstration purpose we will now add a circle around the report title. Please click the speed button _bm19 to insert a shape.


Now click on the report band that contains the report title. It is not important to click on the exact position where you want to place the circle, because you can easily move the report element later. After clicking on the report band the property dialog of the new shape will be shown. Select "circle" from the "Type" combobox:




Press the color button from within the "Brush" area and select yellow color to draw a yellow filled circle. After leaving the dialog with "OK" a yellow circle will appear on the report layout:





Unfortunately the circle is in front of the title and conceals part of it. Press the button _bm57 from the toolbar at the top of the designer window to move the circle to the background. Now move the title so it is positioned over the circle:




Of course it still does not look good because the white background of the label covers the circle. Open the property dialog of the title label (right mouse button, "Edit") and activate the "Transparent" option. The background of the label will now be transparent (not in design mode, but you can see this when using the preview):




Lastly we will do some arranging of the title to move it exactly to the center of the circle. First select the label as usual, then hold down the [Shift] key and select the circle. By using the [Shift] key the last selection will not be lost when selecting a new element, so multiple elements can be selected at the same time, provided they are on the same report band:




Now press the _bm61 button to align the horizontal centers of the report elements.

You can also center the two elements on the band by using the _bm62 button.



Continue with Step 3: Preview and save the report