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Lock Report Designer – Locks the project editing mode. This mode can be useful when inexperienced users work with MetaReport. To unlock the report designer, you should enter the password for unlocking.


Import Report – Imports a report project from an external file to the current folder in the tree. To quickly move a project to a different folder, just drag the report project to the necessary folder with your mouse.


Export Report – Exports a report to an external file. The import/export features can be useful to exchange ready report projects between users' workplaces.


Printer Setup – Changes printer settings for the current session.


Exit – Exits MetaReport.




New Folder – Adds a new folder to the tree.


Rename Folder – Allows you to rename the selected folder. You can also rename it by pressing F2.


Remove folder – Removes the selected folder. Before removing, you will have to confirm the operation. There are two removing modes: removing only a folder or removing it with its entire contents. In the first case all subfolders and projects will be moved one level up.


Expand All – completely expands the tree.


Collapse All – completely collapses the tree.




New Report – creates a new report project and opens the report editing form.


Modify Report – modifies the selected report project. You can also edit it by pressing the Ctrl+Enter combination.


Remove Report – removes the selected report project. Before removing, you will have to confirm the operation.


Start Report – starts the selected report. When you start a report, the report parameters dialog box appears. In this dialog box you can specify the necessary parameters and launch a preview or print out the report immediately. You can also start the report by pressing Enter. If you choose "Preview" you can export received report into another popular format: TXT, WMF, HTML, RTF, XLS , PDF, CSV. Press "Save Report" button at preview form and choose file format.