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A memo is used to print text that has more than one line. Just like a label a memo displays text in one color and font. If you want to use formatted text, you can use a Richtext field.


The following options are available:



This is the text that will be printed.



Selects the font for the report element.



Defines the background color for the report element (the font color can be set with the "Font" button).



The report element's text can be aligned left, right or centered.


Automatic word-wrap:

Set this option if you want the text to wrap to the next line if it does not fit into the given width (similar to a word processor software).


Autosize width:

This option resizes the report element to make room for its complete text. If "Autosize" is not set and the text is larger than the element size, text will be clipped off.


Autostretch height:

This option is for report elements with multiple lines, e.g. memo fields. The height of the elements will be stretched to make room for all lines. If needed, the report band will be stretched too.