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Menu item "Report|Options"

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Report title

This is the report's title, which appear in Windows' print manager and which can be used in the report via a system field.



This option defines the page layout. The report designer's size will change accordingly.



This font is used as the default font for all new report elements and for elements for which no individual font has been set.


Paper size

Defines the report's paper size. Please note that not all printer drivers support all paper sizes.


Height, Width

Set these sizes if you are using the "custom" paper size.


Margins (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)

These are the paper margins. Note that the minimum values depend on your printer hardware.


Column space

This is the empty space between columns if you are using a multi-column report.


Number of columns

This is the number of columns used for the report.



This frame will be drawn around each printed page.