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Show bandruler

Activate this option to show grid lines when editing the report. These lines make it easier to move and align report elements.



This is the unit that the report designer uses for measuring and drawing of the ruler and grid lines. Millimeter, Inch and Characters are available.


Show band names

This option is for showing the band name on the band in design mode. The band names are not printed of course.



The font to display the band name.


Grid size

This sets the (invisible) grid to which report elements are aligned automatically. You can use it for easier alignment of report elements to the same horizontal or vertical position. Note: You can move a report element by one pixel even if a bigger grid size is set if you hold down the [Shift] key while moving the element.


Keyboard grid size

Same as "Grid size", but for keyboard movement with the cursor keys instead of the mouse.


Show component frames at design time:

If this option is activated frames will be drawn around each report element at design time. This way report elements can be displayed more distinctly. The frames are only drawn in design mode, not during printout.