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Query Parameters


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To specify the parameters of a data selection query, you should link a parameter with a dialog element.


Important note: query parameters make sense only when the query is used as the “Main Dataset” of the report. If you use a table as a Dataset, the transmission of parameters from the dialog box will be ignored.


When adding or editing an element from the list, you can do it using the dialog box:


First, you should select a query parameter from the drop-down list or enter its name manually.


After that you should select the source type: “Constant” or “Dialog element”


- Constant – in this case you should select the transmitted value manually. The value will not depend on any dialog element.


- Dialog element – in this case you should select a dialog element from the drop-down list and select what field of the element will be transmitted to the query parameter. All dialog elements have only two fields: “Text” and “Value”. See the description of dialog elements to get more details.


After that you should select the type of parameter values. There are four types in MetaReport: Integer, String, Date, Float. Some databases are sensitive to the type of a transmitted parameter.