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Step 1: Creating a new report

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Select the menu item "File|New" or press the corresponding speed button. The report expert will show up and you can select the type of report that you want to create. For our example we want to print an address list, so we use "List style":




Press the "Continue" button.  You can now set the report's main data source. Type in the path and filename of the table you want to use, or press the "Search" button to select the desired file:




On the next page of the report expert you must select which fields to use. You select which fields from your table are added to the report layout automatically. You can drag fields from one listbox to the other with your mouse, or you can use the buttons located between the listboxes. In the right listbox you can drag fields up and down with your mouse to change the field order.




The next page of the expert lets you select the report bands that you want to use:




Afterwards you can set some general options, for example how many columns your report should have:




The following page determines the look of the report. You can set default fonts for text and data fields, and you can have the expert insert lines between the columns and rows of the report:




Now the report has been setup. You can either select "Finish" to return to the report editor, where you can edit the created report and save it, or you can select "Preview" to check the report printout first. You will see a preview of the report on screen like it would be printed. If you don't like what you see, you can use the "Back" button to change the settings you have made for the report expert.





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