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Step 2: Database setup

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Adding a dataset:


First we will now setup the report's main dataset. Select the menu item "Report|Datasets", which shows the database setup dialog. Press the "New table" button and select the desired table for your report. The table will appear in the list of available datasets.




You can select the new table and press the "Properties" button to show a dialog window with various settings. You can set the table's name, which is used by the report designer when a dataset needs to be selected. This name is an alias and does not affect the physical filename. By default the name is set the filename with the suffix "_Table", for example "CUST_Table" if your file is "CUST.DB". You may want to set the name to "Customers" to be more descriptive. The name does not affect the report printout, it is only used during design time.

Additionally you can set the table's active key (if there is more than one), so you can choose in which order the data records are printed.

Exit the properties dialog using the OK button to return to the dataset listing.


Main report table:


Since a report can use many datasets you must tell the report which table to use as the main report table, the table that is run through from the first to the last record. Use the combobox at the top of the database setup dialog to set this table. Select the table that you have just added.


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