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Step 3: Adding a detail band

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Add a detail band


After you have selected the dataset for your report, you must setup the report layout. The main part of a report is the detail band. This band is printed once for each data record. To add a detail band press the _bm12 button and click somewhere on your report. The band's property dialog will open. Now select "Detail" as the band type.


Add data fields:

After adding a detail band to the report you must now insert the data fields which you want to print. Press the _bm21 button and click on the detail band afterwards to insert a data field report element. Select the data field you want to use and set its alignment, font and other options if needed. You can now move and resize the data field on the detail band with your mouse.

Repeat these steps with all data fields that you want to print. As an example, the detail band could look like this after inserting some data fields:




You can use the alignment buttons to align report elements relatively to each other. Let's say you want to make sure that all elements have the same vertical position. First select all elements you want to align ([Shift] + left mouse button or hold down [Ctrl] while drawing a selection frame with the left button). Then press the _bm66 button, so that the top edges of all selected elements are aligned.



While designing the report you should often check its resulting printout by using the preview button _bm52



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