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A subdetail band is a sort of detail band, but it is subordinate to the real detail band. For example if you want to print a list of audio CDs, and for each CD a title list should be printed, you would use a detail band for printing the CD names and connect a subdetail band to the titles dataset, so separate lists of titles are printed below each CD name. Please note that in order to use such a connection you must create a corresponding table connection (called "master-detail-relationship") as well by using the database setup.


The following options are available for the subdetail band:



This is the dataset that is used by the subdetail band.



This defines the background color of the report band.



The master is the table superior to the subdetail table. For each record in the master table a subdetail list is printed.


Only print if expression is true: see Standard bands



·        before master-detailband: prints the subdetail records before printing their master record from the detail band
·        at bottom of page: moves the band to the bottom of the page before printing it
·        print header/footer even if dataset is empty: header and footer bands of the subdetail band will be printed even if there are no subdetail data records to print
·        force new page: starts a new page before printing the band
·        force new column: starts a new column before printing the band (when using reports with multiple columns)



This band is printed as a header before the subdetail data records are printed.



This band is printed as a footer after the subdetail data records have been printed.


Frame: see Standard bands