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This report element is used to display various system data like current time or date, page number etc.


Available options:



This text will be displayed before the actual system data. For example you can use the text "Report printed on: " when printing the current date.



The type of system data to print. The following types are available:

·        Date: the current date when printing the report
·        Time: the current time when printing the report
·        Date/Time: the current date and time
·        Detail count: total number of data records
·        Detail number: number of the current data record
·        Page number: current page number of the printout
·        Report title: the report title which can be set via "Report|Options"


Autosize width:

This option resizes the report element to make room for its complete text. If "Autosize" is not set and the text is larger than the element size it will be clipped off.



The report element's background will not be printed if this option is activated. This way you can place text on top of an image for example, without hiding the image under a white box with text.



Selects the font for the report element



Defines the background color for the report element (the font color can be set with the "Font" button).