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You can change many report element properties directly with the toolbar instead of using the element's property dialog. Additionally you can use it to modify multiple elements at once.


_bm28This buttons are for creating a new report, loading a report file and saving a report.


_bm29Use this buttons to print the report or to view a preview of the printout.


_bm30With this buttons report elements can be cut to, copied to or pasted from the report designer's clipboard.


_bm31This buttons are used to set a report element to the background or bring it in front of all other report elements, in case of overlapping elements.


_bm32Report elements can be arranged with this buttons. Some of the buttons are only enabled when multiple elements are selected (for example to align the left edges).


_bm33This part of the toolbar shows the type of the currently selected report element and its main property (text if it is a label, data field, band type, ...). You can edit this property directly with the toolbar, without the need to open the element's property dialog.


_bm34Here you can set font and font styles of the selected report elements (font name, font size, bold, underline, italic).


_bm35This buttons are for aligning text within a report element. Text can be aligned left, right or centered. Of course this only makes sense if the report element's size is bigger than its text, and if "autosize" is deactivated.


_bm36With this button you can open a dialog to set the frame options for the selected element.