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Using the mouse

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Select a report element

Report elements are selected by clicking them with the left mouse button. A selection is shown with eight small black boxes around the element:


Change the size of an element

You can use the small boxes of a selected element to change its size. If the mouse cursor is positioned over such a box, the cursor will change to show in which direction the mouse can be moved while the left mouse button is pressed down. The element will be resized accordingly. Please note that for report bands only the height can  be changed, but the width is set to the report width automatically.


Select multiple elements (a)

You can select multiple elements by holding down the [Shift] key while selecting them with the left mouse button. This way the previous selection will remain when a new element is selected.


Select multiple elements (b)

You can also select multiple elements by using a so-called "rubber band". Hold down [Ctrl] together with the left mouse button and drag a frame around the elements that you want to select. After releasing the mouse button all elements within the frame are selected.


Move elements:

You can move report elements with the left mouse button. Hold down the button, drag the element to the desired location and release the mouse button. Report bands can not be moved because they are positioned automatically according to their band type.


Move and resize elements regardless of the current grid setting:

If you want to manipulate a report element regardless of the current grid (menu item "View|Options") and move or resize by one pixel, then hold down the [Shift] key while moving the mouse.


Edit element properties:

If you double-click a report element with the left mouse button, or if you select "Edit" from the element's popup menu (which can be accessed with the right button), a dialog will be shown where all element properties can be edited.